WIST NG RFTC-50 - Wireless programmable thermostat (incl. thermosensor)

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Manufacturer: ELKO EP
Category: Thermostats
Model: 650856

Product Details WIST NG RFTC-50 - Wireless programmable thermostat (incl. thermosensor)

A single thermostat can control up to 4 heating panels in one location. The maximum distance between the panel and thermostat is 30m – this is sufficient for temperature control in large production facilities.

The programmable thermostat allows the user to set various heating schedules during the day, night, on weekdays and weekends. Thanks to this versatility, heating panels from FIRST Heating s.r.o. may be used in homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants and manufacturing premises.

The WIST NG thermostat is powered by two replaceable, 1.5V, AAA-sized batteries.

Installation of a wireless thermostat in each room provides the capability to set specific temperature settings in each space as needed. The entire home or every office does not need to be heated to a uniform temperature – this contributes to further cost savings.

Permanent communication between the WIST NG thermostat and heating panel facilitates continuous temperature measurement and control of power consumption aimed at maximum savings and maintaining occupant comfort.