FIRST Heating EcoLIGHT is a fully functional system that combines LED indoor lighting with thermal comfort. This combination of lighting with BASIC Elegant heating panel design is the perfect complement to any modern interior. EcoLIGHT is designed as a supplementary component for ceiling installation with Elegant BASIC heat panels. Lighting and heating are controlled separately. Custom controls may also be added for management via a web browser or smartphone.

EcoLIGHT is available at dimensions corresponding to each heat panel size. Just choose your desired color temperature; the standard offer is "warm" or "cool" white. RGB lights with a color changer are also available. Each EcoLIGHT fixture is supplied with a 230 V AC to 24 V DC transformer.

EcoLIGHT and the heating panel are controlled separately so you can heat, illuminate, or do both at the same time. The great advantage is that it is ceiling installed to ensure the maximum amount of radiant heat and room lighting. The contemporary design of the Eco LIGHT is an attractive, modern lighting addition to any home, office or business.

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