Advantages of FIRST Heating Infrared Panels


  • Low investment costs with continual energy savings
  • Simple installation / zero maintenance
  • Solid-state heaters with a long product lifetime
  • Multifunctional use – suitable for both residential or commercial environments
  • Large stock of panels available
  • Quick deliveries within Europe
  • 5-year warranty


  • Controlled with a proprietary wireless thermostat that monitors temperature by 0,1°C
  • One wireless thermostat can control up to 10 panels
  • Nearly 100% of the supplied electrical energy is converted into heat
  • CE and GOST-R certificates, EC-Declaration of Conformity


  • Reduces dampness, humidity and mold
  • Relieves allergies due to less air movement
  • Noise and odor free


  • User-friendly thermostat with an easy to read display
  • Flat design available in different dimensions, surface and frame colors or illustrations
  • One thermostat can control up to 10 panels
  • Mounting template and installation hardware included